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Jim Brown

Join the Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club family! 


Players we are looking for:

  • A few years of experience at the Rec or Club level

  • Great sportsmanship

  • Great attitude

  • Ability to learn...coachable

  • Dedicate time for the Spring season

    • 2 nights of practice

    • Weekend games

  • Participate in fall indoor program
    • Weekend games
  • Participate in at least one summer camp recommended by the club
  • Ability to travel 25+ miles to and from game destinations


Please contact our club manager if you have questions about the program. We'd love to give you more information and introduce you to the rest of the teams.

On recruiting multi-sport athletes

“I really believe multi-sport participation increases the athletic I.Q. of players. Players can work individually on developing skills, but being a member of different teams provides opportunities to develop game instincts that produce more athletic players. There are parallels between certain sports, and we’ll look at a player’s athleticism in another sport and project his potential as a lacrosse player.”

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown played Lacrosse at Syracuse. In 1984, Brown told the New York Times, “Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played.”

Lacrosse has the highest ratio of High School to NCAA play of any sport.


Club Director & Registrar                       Tony Hammond        

Indoor Coordinator                                 Michael Mullahey              

Coach & Technical Trainer                       Coming Soon 

Equipment Coordinator                              Chris Ernst                   

Fundraising Coordinator                                Open

Swarm Store Contact                                Tom Kunkel                  

Our Commitment to Multisport Athletes

Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club is committed to supporting multisport athletes. The reason is simple. Playing multiple sports is better for the athlete, and we want to do what is best for the athlete. We know that means players will need to miss a practice or a game and that miss might be inconvenient for us, but we also know that the skills, relationships, and memories acquired playing other sports far outweigh any single game or practice.

A general rule is to favor the in season sport. If a conflict exists in the Fall, players should favor Soccer, Football... because they are in season. In the winter players should favor Basketball, Wrestling... because they are in season. In the Spring Lacrosse should be the first priority because that is our main season. 

Baltimore Swarm Lacrosse Club